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Los Angeles Police Department Crash Report Form


Fatal / Injury / PDO


Date of Crash: 03/SEP/2021

Time of Crash: 2:30 A.M.

Time Officer Arrived: 2:34 A.M.

Weather Conditions: Clear

Road Hazards: None

At Intersection: Sunset Blvd & Benedict Canyon Dr

Number of Motor Vehicles: 1

Number Injured: 3

Number Fatal: 1


Vehicle Year: 2019 Make: Porsche

Vehicle Type: Automobile

Use: Private Transportation

Airbag deployed: Yes

State: CA

Vehicle Identification Number: XXXXXX

Vehicle Speed Est. 120 mph

Posted Speed: 45


Name of Driver: Ethan Amoroso

Current Address: XXXXX

Date of Birth: 12/NOV/2003

Driver License Number: XXXXX

Injury Status: Minor injuries, declined transport

Drug & Alc. Test: Pending


'Please Fill Out for All Other Occupants Involved'

* Spencer Sandoval—18—F—Injuries requiring hospital transport

* Tabby Hill—16—F—Minor injuries, declined transport

* Christopher Moore—15—M—Fatal

Officer's Notes: Vehicle 1 collision—damage extensive—no fire. No immediate danger to first responders. Impact with tree (standing). Light conditions dark-lighted. Weather clear. Driver sitting on pavement next to Passenger 2 prone, unconscious. Driver suffered injuries to head and shoulder. Passenger 2 had substantial injuries to arm and face. Passenger 3 emotionally distressed on curb, visible facial injuries. Passenger 4 remained in vehicle, fatal status. Resuscitation unnecessary. EMS arrived at 2:45 A.M. Driver and Passenger 3 declined transport. Driver claims they were coming home from a party in the hills. No tire marking to indicate brakes were applied. Driver tested for alcohol and drugs on-site. Pending results.

Officer Diagram Attached Case Status: Open

* * *

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